Our Services

Project Freight Forwarding

“When you need it”, our special project expertise will ensure delivery to site on time and on budget. The company is well versed in Project Forwarding especially for Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Exhibition Projects, Industrial Machinery, & Power and Construction Machinery. Least expensive solutions will be applied in every project handled by our management.

Sea and Air Import/Export Freight Forwarding

– Import and export designated sailing schedule and routing to any part of the globe. We provide FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less Container Load), Conventional Service, Bulk Service, Chartering and Hand-Carry Service for top urgent consignments.
– Customs Document Clearance, Domestic Delivery & Distribution anywhere in Malaysia
– Application for exemption of Duty/Tax where applicable. Cargo Survey and Marine Insurance whenever required.
– Import/Export permit for restricted items, hazardous and dangerous goods namely Chemicals, Explosives, Radioactive Materials and Telecommunication Equipment including specialized handling.
– Bank Negara Malaysia requirement for export (Foreign Exchange).
– Prepaid and collect shipments upon request. Pre-Alert/Notice of Arrival for your import consignments and Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) for your export consignments.


– Heavy Lift, Over Width, Length and Height.

– Bonded and Non-Bonded for local and Inter-State Trucking.

– In addition to our own equipment whenever required, we can easily lease from our suppliers/contractors the following:

:: Low Loader: 2 axles/3 axles/commetors.

:: Pole Trailer: 40ft/18 tons capacity.

:: Forklifts: 3.5 tons to 50 tons capacity.

:: Crane: 10-50 tons capacity.

:: Other heavy lift cranes or floating cranes as and when required.

Warehouses and Physical Distribution

– Dedicated space facilities with 24-hour accessibility and security. Bonded and Non-Bonded warehouses according to customers’ requirement.

– Cargo consolidation handling located at airports and ocean port of entry anywhere in Malaysia.

– Interaction between material handling, freight transport, road transport, packaging and inventory control, value adding, communications and data processing.

– Order processing in which we offer variety of services including Receiving of Goods/Pick & Pack/Assembly & Shipping/Expediting, Purchase Order & Delivery Order Control.

– Network Planning techniques to obtain movement capacity for any size of client.

– Procurement of specific materials/equipment on behalf of customers’ as and when required such as:

:: Core Boxes, Pallets, Slings, Shrink-wraps and other handling aids.

:: Provision of Racks, Wooden Dunnage for pipe stacking and bin shelves for warehouse materials.

:: Supply of labor for maintenance of pipe yard and warehouse.

:: Export Permits when required.

Shipping by Air or Sea

– Airfreight – the fastest delivery possible – Direct delight – Any size, any weight, anywhere you name it. Should there be no direct flight, we will arrange transshipment service as and when necessary. Customs clearances for import and export shipment.

– Sea freight – Intermodal co-ordination of all shipments. Updates on shipment status/routing order letter/faxing and follow-up with the relevant parties involved in your freight transportation.

– Chartering by air/sea – least expensive way to ship when utilizing the full capacity.

– Either by air or sea, we ensure smoothness and efficient port clearance involving the following:-

:: The Royal Malaysian Customs.

:: Immigration Department.

:: Marine Department/ Malaysia Airport Berhad (M.A.B.)

:: Police.

:: Health Authorities.

:: Relevant Port/Airport Authorities.

Customs Tariff rates and Procedures

– 24 hours, 7 days a week PC dial-modem that allows us to offer you a number of services such as:-

:: Dedicated link with customs’ computer system (Sistem Maklumat Kastam – S.M.K.)

:: Registration of customs documentation immediately after shipment has arrived at port.

:: Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transfers our declarations to the main frame at the Customs Department.

– An audited import document which has the ability to validate the tariff classifications and rate of duty. This ensures that our clients pay the correct duties. We have vast experience handling customs documentation and procedure involving:-

:: Import shipment through exemptions of customs duties/taxes.

:: Import permits for restricted items.

:: Dangerous goods namely hazardous items such as explosives, radioactive materials and chemicals.

:: Telecommunication Equipment.

:: Customs Survey upon necessity.

:: FTZ (Free Trade Zone) Import and Export Customs requirement.

:: Bank Negara Malaysia requirement for exports (Foreign exchange control).

:: Export Permits when required.


We offer our professionalism to clients of any size as appended below.

– Malaysian based expertise with vast experience.

– Advice on customs legal requirements.

– Develop appropriate programs and skills to accommodate clients’ specific objective.

– Assistance in various business situations such as management of Freight Transport, Maritime Consultations, Warehouse and Physical Distribution.

– Total dedication as per clients’ requirements. We view our operations as an extension of the clients’ organization.

– Ability to solve problems so that our clients will always have a clear mind to pursue their profitable business operations. We always believe that a problem has more than one solution and we offer the best and the most economical solution.

– We will always uphold the confidentiality of our clients’ to protect their business interest.

– Total flexibility to adapt to changes according to clients’ requirements in order to keep up with the latest market trend.

– We provide total support services independently, which enable us to provide reliable services to our clients.

– Total reliability, responsibility and confidentiality to each and every client thus offering ourselves to be:

Your Trusted Partner In Total Logistics